Wilton High School Theater

Information for Cast and Crew


Scripts are copied, but not in their covers.  If you want to pick one up today and don't mind putting the cover on yourself stop by the Little Theater on your way to your ride home after period 7.  I will hand you a copy and the cover.  Your other option is to drop by Kim's booth next week to get it. 



If you have not picked up a script yet please do so.  They are in Kim's booth.  A reminder to all cast members...I want your lines memorized before the first rehearsal!  Show me that you are going to take the work seriously.  Getting cast is like getting through a job interview.  Congratulations, you got the job, now show me what kind of employee you plan to be! Also remember that this project is part of the interview process for the next project.  Theater is a very small world and your work ethic and reputation can keep you employed or sink you. Just showing up is not going to cut it.